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Visual field analysis


What is a visual field analysis?

During our eye exams, our optometrists may want to determine through visual field testing the full horizontal and vertical range of what you are able to see peripherally. This range is commonly referred to as “side vision.” Visual field tests assess the potential presence of blind spots (scotomas), which could indicate eye diseases. A blind spot in the field of vision can be linked to a variety of specific eye diseases, depending on the size and shape of the scotoma.

Automated Visual Field Analyzer tests are conducted to determine any defects in a patient’s peripheral vision. Visual field anaylzer testing is available at our Broadview Eyecare location. Eaton Centre and Woodbine Centre locations will make referrals to our sister locations for patients in need of visual field testing. All results will be reported back to your optometrist for further diagnosis to help better manage your visual performance.

Why test my visual field?

Test results can lead to a diagnosis of glaucoma or other neurological problems. Many eye and brain disorders can cause peripheral vision loss and visual field abnormalities. For example, optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma creates a very specific visual field defect. Other eye problems associated with blind spots and other visual field defects include optic nerve damage (optic neuropathy) from disease or damage to the light-sensitive inner lining of the eye (retina).

Brain abnormalities such as those caused by strokes or tumors can affect the visual field. In fact, the location of the stroke or tumor in the brain can frequently be determined by the size, shape and site of the visual field defect. Perimetry is also used at the vision clinic to test visual field analysis of patients, which helps diagnose diseases such as glaucoma or neurological problems.


What is Perimetry and Ultrasound Pachymetry?

A pachometer is an instrument that measures the thickness of the cornea in microns. 

Ultrasound Pachymetry is a painless procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. Measurements allow the optometrist to determine if a patient is a good candidate for refractive surgery. Measurements allow the optometrist to determine the accuracy of intraocular pressure measurements. 

Perimetry is also used at the vision clinic to test visual field analysis of patients, which helps diagnose diseases such as glaucoma or neurological problems.  

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