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At Dr. Archie Chung & Associates, we can provide additional testing to help with all your eye care needs. Our Optometrist will recommend specific testing based on your eye care needs such as corneal topography, visual field, visual testing for MTO form completion, pachymetry, optical coherence tomography (OCT, testing for glaucoma), and anterior segment photography. Please see below to learn more.

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography is a computer assisted diagnostic test and tool that creates three-dimensional maps of the surface curvature of your cornea. It can show problems with your eye’s surface like swelling, scarring or conditions such as astigmatism. This test is usually completed before you get laser vision corrective surgery, a cornea transplant, or specialty contact lens fitting such as orthokeratology, RGP (hard) and/or scleral lenses. 

The cornea  is responsible for about 70 percent of the eye’s focusing power. An eye with normal vision has an evenly rounded cornea, but if the cornea is too flat, steep, or unevenly curved can cause different visual results. Corneal topography is used to detect irregular conditions that is invisible to most conventional diagnostic testing. 

Corneal topography can be beneficial in the evaluation of certain diseases and injuries of the cornea including:

  • Orthokeratology
  • Specialty Contact Lens Fitting
  • Planning for Laser Vision Corrective Surgery
  • Corneal Diseases, Abrasions or Deformities
  • Irregular Astigmatism following Corneal Transplant
  • Postoperative Cataract Extraction with acquired Astigmatism

Corneal topography testing available at Broadview Eyecare.

Visual Field Analyzer

Automated Visual Field Analyzer tests are conducted to determine any defects in a patient’s peripheral vision. Test results can lead to a diagnosis of glaucoma or other neurological problems. Many eye and brain disorders can cause peripheral vision loss and visual field abnormalities.

A visual field test is required for those who need to complete the MTO (Ministry of Transportation) form. The applicant must have the following vision standards according to MTO.

Vision standards apply to all drivers. Applicants for and holders of Class A, B, C, D, E and F licences must have:

A visual acuity that is not poorer than:

  • 20/30 with both eyes open and examined together
  • 20/100 in the weaker eye, with or without corrective lenses

A horizontal visual field with both eyes open and examined together of at least:

  • 150 continuous degrees along the horizontal meridian
  • 20 continuous degrees above and below fixation

Visual field analyzer testing available at Broadview Eyecare. Frequency doubling technology (FDT) perimetry available at Eaton Centre and Woodbine Centre locations.


Pachymetry is a simple, painless test that uses ultrasound or probe to measure the thickness of your cornea. You’ll get this test to create a baseline for comparison with future readings and is needed for any corneal or laser vision corrective surgery. A probe called a pachymeter is gently placed on the front of the eye (the cornea) to measure your cornea’s thickness. The procedure takes only about a minute to measure both eyes. Ask your Optometrist to learn why corneal thickness measurements are needed for your eye health care.

Pachymetry testing available at Eaton Centre and Broadview Eyecare locations.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

OCT stands for Optical Coherence Tomography. It is a very specialized piece of equipment that allows the Optometrist to see within the layers of the retina and other structures of the eye. It is similar to an MRI but the eye structures are seen instantly and without any harmful radiation to the eye. The OCT has been invaluable in the detection and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular disorders.

  • OCT allows the doctor to diagnose eye conditions accurately to allow for timely referral and treatment when necessary
  • OCT allows the doctor to monitor changes in ocular conditions

Optical coherence tomography testing available at Broadview Eyecare location.

Anterior Segment Photography

Anterior segment photography also termed as “external photography” uses conventional macro photography equipment to document the external appearance of the eyes surrounding lid and facial structures. These specialty imaging is commonly used to document lesions of the eye or surrounding tissues, demonstrate facial nerve anomalies, and record pre and post surgical alignment of the eyes or eyelids.

Our technology can also take pictures of the anterior segment or anterior cavity, which is the front third of eye that includes the structures of the vitreous humour: the cornea, iris, ciliary body and lens. Our Optometrist will recommend anterior segment photography based on your eye health needs. Ask us to learn more.

Optical coherence tomography testing available at Eaton Centre, Woodbine Centre, Broadview Eyecare locations.

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