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CONTACT LENs fitting by experienced & Professional optometrists


why trust an optometrists to do your contact lens fitting?

It's simple: the knowledge and experience our Optometrists have goes above and beyond what is available when getting fitted for "free."  Our professional services focus on your eye care needs to find a lens that is the healthiest and most comfortable while still achieving your best possible vision. Whether they are for playing sports, long days at work, or going out on evenings and weekends, we will find a lens that works for you.

Our Contact lens Fitting Benefits:

  •   A contact lens fitting allows us to determine the best lenses for your eyes.  As a part of the fitting, you will receive:

    • A customized contact lens prescription (Did you know? Contact lens prescriptions are different from eyeglasses because contacts are fitted directly on your cornea!)
    • Follow ups to ensure best possible vision and comfort throughout your wear
    • Follow up care for any contact lens complications such as dryness, redness, discomfort etc.
    • Measuring and determining the contact lens diameter and base curve that is perfectly fitted for your eyes 
    • Education and consultation of all contact lens technology and important information you should know about contacts
    • Answers to all the questions you may have related to contacts

  • Free trials for the contact lenses that are best suited for you
  • Training on how to insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses (20 min to an hour, we will help you for as long as you need)
  • Additional supervised training sessions if you need more advice and time to practice
  • Excellent warranty for contact lenses purchased from us (i.e. returns, exchanges, prescription changes etc.)
  • Free direct shipping or store pick up for contact lens purchases
  • Price matching available for contact lens purchases*
  • Excellence in vision care to ensure healthy eyes and contact lens use
  • Optometrists available 6-7 days a week to address any eye care concerns

Our excellent contact lens fitting services start at $50. CLICK HERE to see our soft contact lens pricing.
Visit or ask us in clinic to learn more.

At Dr. Chung & Associates, we provide many contact lens brands at great prices with excellent fitting services. Free shipping and price matching available for certain quantities. Please visit or ask us for more details!

*Price matching available for Canadian suppliers only in Canadian dollars and all prices must be vetted by staff to confirm price matching eligibility. Please call or visit your Dr. Archie Chung & Associates eye care clinic location for full details.

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