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At Dr. Chung & Associates, we provide many eyeglasses brands at great prices with a large selection and knowledgeable recommendations. Our Eaton Centre and Woodbine Centre locations are beside Lenscrafters that provide many different frame styles and optical products and services. We also have complete eyewear packages (frame and lenses) starting at $95 at our Broadview Eyecare location. Please visit or ask us for more details!

different type of eyeglasses for all visual needs

At Dr. Archie Chung & Associates, Optometrists, we provide custom vision prescriptions so you can see the best for success. These customized prescriptions are catered towards your visual needs to help with nearsightedness, farsightedness or both. Here are some of the visual solutions we may recommend for you.

Single vision reading eyeglasses

Do you have trouble seeing up close such as the menu or reading smaller print? Reading glasses is a great visual solution to help you see clearly at short distances. Custom reading glasses can help reduce eye strain and provide comfortable and sharp up close vision. Custom reading glasses can be inexpensive and can be used at the office, in your room or anywhere you need to see small text.

Single Vision Distance eyeGlasses

Do you have trouble seeing far away such as driving or in a movie theatre? Distance glasses is a fantastic visual solution to help you see clearly at far distances. Custom distance glasses can help provide clear and sharp vision at 20 feet or more. 

Progressive eyeglasses

For those who have difficulty seeing both far and near, progressive eyeglasses is a great option to improve their vision overall. These specialty eyeglasses can provide clear vision for far, intermediate, and near distances. Speak to an eye care professional to learn more about this advanced technology that helps people with presbyopia.

bifocal eyeglasses

Similar to progressive eyeglasses, bifocal eyeglasses are also a specialized lens that allows the user to see in the distance and near. A visible lined segment is used in the lens to provide clear and sharp single vision viewing for distance and near. The main difference is the cosmetics and image jump affect from the lens. Speak to one of our eye care professionals to learn more about bifocal eyeglasses.

Computer eyeglasses

These specialty eyeglasses are made exclusively for the computer at a certain distance. Many people who have trouble seeing at arms length or a little bit greater can take advantage of computer eyeglasses to help them see comfortably for long periods of time in front of the computer. These eyeglasses can be single vision or progressives depending on the individual's visual needs. Best to consult with our eye care professionals to improve your daily computer activities.

Anti-fatigue eyeglasses

Another specialty eyeglasses is to help with fatigue when reading or using the computer for long periods of time. These eyeglasses are progressives that give an extra boost in the reading area. How? These specialized progressives will provide a low ADD to allow your eyes to do less work when accommodating to see up close tasks. Learn more by speaking to one of our eye care professionals.


UV protection is an important part of our daily health. We protect our skin when going outside so we should also have the same protection for our eyes. Good sunglasses that block 100% UVA/UVB light will help reduce eye health retinal conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts and retinal damage/injury. Let us educate you about the different style of sunglasses that can help protect your eyes and look fabulous.

Lens recommendations

Once you have chosen the right visual solutions for you, we will recommend a variety of lens options based on your prescription and lifestyle needs. Here are some of the lens upgrade options available:

  • Anti-reflective coatings (Basic and Premium)
  • Transitions (changes from clear to dark when exposed to UV)
  • Blue blocking Lenses (protects you from high energy blue light to reduce eye strain and improve sleep)
  • Hi-Index material (thin and light)
  • Polycarbonate, Hivex, or Trivex material (durable and strong - great for kids)
  • Prism Lenses (to help with visual anomalies)
  • Free Form HD Lenses (Cutom High Definition Lens)
  • Tinted Lens (colour tints for visual performance or style)
  • Gradient Tinted Lens
  • Polarized Lenses (reduces glare for optimal clarity in the sun)
  • Mirror Lenses (hides the eyes for style and optical performance)

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