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Child Eye Exams


Children Eye Health Exams

We do comprehensive children eye health examinations starting at 6-12 months old. We also recommend children at the age of 3 to begin getting their eyes checked annually. Providing visual assessments for infants can determine how well they can see. We can determine if the eyes are equal in power, the development of their eyes, and any signs of potential eye diseases.

Children and teenagers 19 and under are covered every year for an annual eye health exam check up. Eye exams are covered by OHIP with a valid health card. Our Optometrists and staff create a positive experience for every child's visit. We take the time to make sure everyone is comfortable and provide all information to parents. We offer education and recommendations for children and parents to improve their vision and overall health. Services such as orthokeratology, myopia control, vision therapy, eyeglasses and contact lenses can help improve your child's vision to ensure they're seeing the best for success!

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